Hi, my name is Elias. Nice to meet you. I create stuff for living. And well... I am also a Software Engineer, at the moment I work at Huawei. I'm working at the SRE R&D lab, building tools to be used by engineers oncall. Right now focused on monitoring tools.

Previously I worked on projects like Redshift (Amazon AWS) and financial systems (Stripe, Cielo, Banco Original, Banco Votorantim).

I'm a programming languagues nerd, I enjoy reading about theory and trying out different languages.

I used a lot in the past: Java, Ruby and Python. I know a little bit of Go and I'm trying to learn Rust. I have played with much more languages and paradigms tho :).

You can find some of my work at Codeberg or Github. You can also check my 🌱digital garden, where I keep all my notes about what I'm learning.

I'm always available to help with Rust open source projects

If you want more info about me you can check my personal page on my Digital Garden. You can also ask me at Twitter or chat with me on Matrix.

🇧🇷Conteúdo em português no blog br.elias.sh e no instagram @code_elias_code