Elias Granja Jr


I'm a Software Development Engineer working in Dublin, IE. I have strong skills with javascript and JEE, right now I'm working at the world's biggest cloud provider :).

I worked almost 4 years as a software engineer developing finance applications, such as internet banking for a Brazilian bank focus on agribusiness using JEE.

I normally work with ruby, with the frameworks Sinatra and Rails. I'm starting to play with Elixir and Haskell. You can see the projects that I'm doing in my free time on my github.

My last job was in a software company as a Mid-Software Engineer, previously I also worked as a Lead Developer with Ruby on Rails, postgresql, PHP and node.js for a small startup in the education market.

I have a master's degree in Computer Science by the University of Campinas (unicamp). I did a research about about Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing. I proposed a few heuristics to improve virtual machines allocation for hybrid P2P and cloud video streaming architectures.

And of course, I also write in portuguese about all the IT world and random stuff.



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